Tuition Assistance

We are pleased to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Atsugi families!

In June 2016, Imagine Music Together was awarded a grant from the Atsugi Officers' Spouses' Association (AOSA) to provide partial scholarships to enlisted families (E-5 and below) who are stationed on NAF Atsugi.  

  • Who is eligible?   Atsugi-based enlisted families (E-5 and below) with children ages 0-5.  Families who meet this requirement and compete the short application will be eligible for assistance each semester they enroll. 
  • What does the scholarship include? 30% tuition reduction (as of this Fall 2016, $52 off), as well as all materials normally included in tuition: 2 CDS, including digital downloads, illustrated Songbook, Parent Guide DVD, digital resources including the Family Music Zone and the Hello Everybody! app
  • How do I apply?  Complete this short application and submit it via email  ( or mail (Stephanie Blind, PSC 477 Box 488, FPO, AP 96306)